Get Trained!

We'll provide knowledge and hands-on projects, and all you need to know for you to get properly trained and evaluated.

Get Certified!

Once you'll complete the course you'll get a chance to pass the UberLedgers certification that will start your path to get a job.

Get Hired!

If conditions apply* you'll get chosen by one of our business partners, we'll help you relocate if necessary.

UberLedgers Program Features

3 months hard skills

6 months apprenticeship

placement & coaching

2400/mth Apprenticeship

Zero net tuition fee

6,000,000 salary/year mini.

3 Months Training

Hard Skills Course

Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum platforms


Get UberLedgers and Hyperledger certified

Hands-on Projects

Build, implement and deploy


Build essential skills to become team player


Build your brand so that startups find you

Job-ready & Placement

Get cross-culturally relevant. Get the job!

  • Module 1: FinTech
  • Module 2: BC essentials
  • Module 3: Cryptography & Internet Security
  • Module 4: Bitcoin
  • Module 5: Hyperledger
  • Module 6: Ethereum
  • Module 7: Other key platforms
  • Module 8: BaaS
  • Hands-on project preparation
  • Hands-on project 1: Get Hyperledger certifed
  • Hands-on project 2: Build your first Ethereum based project
  • Hands-on project 3: Deploy an Amazon powered blockchain project
  • Hands-on project 4: Deploy an Azure powered blockchain project
  • Hands-on project 5: Deploy an IBM Hyperledger blockchain project

6 Months Apprenticeship onsite

Soft Skills ready

Improve your communication skills

Project Management ready

Understand project management

Tools Stack ready

Prepare to be fully Op. from day one

Coaching & Mentoring

Get supported and expand your reach

Cross-cultural ready

Learn from cultural  challenges

Ongoing learning

Thru meetups, special events and training


Momoe Kanaya

co-Founder- CEo

Mrs Kanaya makes  things happen in Asia.

Adrien Beaulieu

co-founder - CIO

Adrien is in charge of all things ledgers and beyond.

Kevin Ho

COO China

Kevin manages our China operations. 

Adrien IT market related Speeches, Training & Seminars

MBA schools, French and Chinese Chambers of Commerce, China based exhibitions, Interviews on CCTV, Innovation Centers, etc.

Recruiting Partners


Apply if:

  1. You are a coder from with 1 to 3 years experience on mainly C++, C#, Java, Go, Javascript, Python and you are willing to code on the Blockchain, OR, 
  2. You are a Front End or Full Stack developer and want to work in a Blockchain related business… and so you will need to be blockchain-ready for the best startups and MNCs, OR,
  3. If you are a UX Designer or a Business Developer and you are ready to dive in and build the Blockchain-necessary core knowledge to succeed in a Blockchain startup.

The total amount is about 11,000 USD. 
Your paid apprenticeship will generate 2,400USD a month. So in 6 months you will have earned 2,400*6= 14,400USD. 
At the end of your apprenticeship you will be cash positive.

  1. You will be trained, coached and monitored in your apprenticeship for free until your complete success… meaning until you get hired.
  2. Once hired you will be asked to pay 11,000 USD by installments.
  3. During your apprenticeship you will receive a salary of 2,400 USD a month.

In short it means that the whole program will be revenue positive. Where will you find a training and certification program that PAYS YOU to succeed, find you a JOB and help you settle in Asia? Simply put… nowhere else!

Apply now, our batches are limited in seats.

Please, use for inquiries.


  • Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris

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